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Our Programs

LDO Board and volunteers develop our programs in partnership with our Inmate Advisory Board (IAB). We work hand-in-hand to identify priorities for educational and cultural development. Due to COVID-19 our programs are currently post-poned, but we hope to be back inside soon! 

Image by Debby Hudson
Spanish Class 

Every Saturday night the LDO sponsors a peer-taught Spanish class at WSR which has approximately 20 participants per session. Students are taught fundamentals of grammar and conversational Spanish in a welcoming, inclusive learning environment. To date, LDO Spanish has been one of the primary ways that we attract and retain participants of all cultural backgrounds in our activities. 

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Plaza Comunitaria 

This program is taught in Spanish, and will provide Latino participants, including those who will be deported upon completion of their sentence, with a Plaza Comunitaria diploma corresponding to their completed grade level, issued by the Mexican government. This will enable the participants to benefit from greater professional opportunities when returning home. They’ll have a greater likelihood of leading positive and self-determined lives after reentry.  Our Plaza program is currently in-development, with planning post-poned due to COVID-19. 

Image by Mathilde Decourcelle
Hispanic Cultural Group

On Sunday evenings the LDO sponsors the Hispanic Cultural Group which includes a social hour and group check-in, an ongoing visual art workshop, and weekly lectures alternating between arts masterclasses with regional artists, and a cultural lecture series focused on history, race, and personal development.  

Image by Ravi Roshan

Many of our participants are involved in a peer-led mentorship program which pairs inmates who have experience, wisdom, or skills in certain areas (such as math, writing, physical health, and much more) with mentees. Working together, they complete a certificate program to help bolster the abilities of mentees, build their abilities, and help them live a more productive and positive life behind bars. 

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