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We welcome new LDO volunteers on an ongoing basis! Find out more below. 
What’s it like volunteering in a prison? 

The first question many people ask is: What is it like to volunteer in a prison? 

The answer: Very rewarding! Most of our volunteers and sponsors feel that they get more out of this experience than they put in - it is a remarkably human experience which will change you and your perspective on life if you embrace it fully. 

In order to become a volunteer you will need to fill out paperwork with the Department of Corrections and attend one of four quarterly trainings which are offered each year. Once that is done, you will be able to come out as often as you like in the company of an LDO Sponsor. As you gauge your interest, you will eventually be able to achieve Sponsor status after several months of semi-regular volunteering - this means you can come and go as you please (within reason)!

If you are interested in trying it out - all civilians are allowed to visit the facility twice in their lifetime per recently updated visitation protocols. Let us know if you are interested.

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